Sustaining People, Planet and Livelihoods...

Our values... We base our business on a number of important factors...

  • We buy from traceable, sustainable sources.
  • All Cardigan Fish Bar cod is sourced legally and within quotas. Our North Atlantic cod is from the Cod Management Recovery Plan quota in Area 27.
  • All of the cod sold at Cardigan Fish Bar comes from the Icelandic Seas, which has some of the healthiest stocks of cod. It's caught by approved boats, which means full traceability right back to the boat and the day of catching. These large, mature cod also produce well-sized, high-quality fillets.
  • We are committed to supplying food of the highest quality from our 100% burgers to our luxury range of pies.
  • We try to buy locally and source products and services in our area in an effort to support our local economy.
  • Our technologically advanced high efficiency Florigo frying ranges ensure we are able to keep up with demand at busy times due to a fast temperature recovery rate. They conserve energy by using less gas than conventional frying ranges. Our oil is also filtered twice a day to ensure it is always clean.
  • We offer alternative ecologically responsible packaging to our customers including eco-boxes which are made from recyclable materials and which are not only environmentally friendly but also allow the food to breath.
  • We are concerned about climate change and are committed to conserving energy throughout the company.
  • We buy the very best availble British potatoes.
  • We believe being a responsible company is the right thing to do from how we source our products to how we treat our staff.
  • We support the research of new fishing technology which is ethical in its approach, reduces by-catch (unwanted fish) and will help sustain marine life and the fishing industry for generations to come.
  • We actively promote the health benefits of eating fish and chips in order to preserve the industry.
  • We are constantly taking steps to improve our customer service and have introduced a ‘mystery shopper’ scheme to ensure we are delivering the best possible service.
  • We use ’Facebook’ and Twitter to market our branches, ensuring we reach the younger generation of fish and chip fans and continue the British tradition.